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Trump's Cruel Budget Breaks His Campaign Promises: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the release of President Trump's first full budget and mounting evidence that POTUS tried to obstruct justice in the Russia ...

2017-05-25 10:40 1,928,676 YouTube

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets | Final Trailer | In Theaters July 21, 2017

VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS is the visually spectacular new adventure film from Luc Besson, the legendary director of The ...

2017-05-24 01:59 886,068 YouTube

Mônica Toy | A Buzina (T05E13)

E agora, quem poderá defender o Cebolinha? O Chapolin Colorado! Vocês e nem a Mônica contavam com a astúcia de uma buzina paralisadora, não é ...

2017-05-24 00:37 1,541,398 YouTube

Spontaneous Human Combustion - Q+A

Did Mary Reeser really spontaneously combust? Watch the original video here: Credits: ...

2017-05-24 07:49 678,780 YouTube

GOT IN A FIGHT!! (Dirty player)

MY NBA CHANNEL ! : *Twitter: *Instagram: ...

2017-05-24 25:56 759,204 YouTube