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Black Rock Shooting Anime

Black ★ Rock Shooter: TV Series Fight Scenes Compilation

All anime credits goes to Noitamina, Huke, Studios Ordet and FujiTV. Compilation and edition made by Hantzie (I'm not monetizing this video) ...

2012-03-27 43:52 2,588,268 YouTube

Black Rock Shooter - Episode 1 Full - English Subs

I don't own this video. This is for entertainment only.

2013-05-15 22:55 89,041 YouTube

Black Rock Shooter Anime trailer

アニメのためのトレーラー ブラック☆ロックシューター ಠ◡ಠ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Black☆RockShooter anim

2013-01-01 01:23 14,958 YouTube

AMV - Across the Line

I do not own any Rights. Anime: Black Rock Shooter TV, All Rights belong to © Fuji Television. Music: Linkin Park - Across the Line, All Rights belong to © WMG.

2012-04-08 03:10 8,522,184 YouTube